We choreograph and teach dances to Quinceañeras and also love working with Brides & Grooms for First Wedding Dances. 

Quinceañera Package Pricing

Sparkle Dance Package $

  • 1 choreographed Waltz or Surprise Dance

  • lessons taught in professional dance studio

  • 1 styled Grand Entrance

  • all song edits

Price: $450-$700

Glow Dance Package $$

  • 2 choreographed dances, traditionally 1 Waltz and 1 Surprise Dance

  • lessons taught in professional dance studio 

  • 1 styled Grand Entrance 

  • all song edits

Price: $600-$1400

Shine Dance Package $$$

  • Glow Package plus:

  • 1 Choreographed Father Daughter Dance or 2nd Surprise Dance

  • Basic Day of Event Coordination

Price Starting at: $1500


Quinceañera Dance Camp

Waltz or Surprise Dance Choreography taught in 1 day

Dance Workshop Price: $350-$500 per dance

Your daughter and court will learn their special dance in 1 day. Your Quinceañera and her court will learn Premium Choreography in a 1-day-only workshop-style class taught inside a professional dance studio. 

One-time fee includes: 

  • private group lesson of 4-5 consecutive hours

  • original choreography (Songs of Your Choice up to 5 minutes including multiple tracks)

  • instruction to your group of up to 15 court members

  • edited version of music (if needed)

  • access to virtual (password protected) video of final choreography

Fee for the above is nominal compared to package rates and great for time or budget restrictions. It is recommended that the class be taught no sooner than 4-6 weeks prior to the event. For optimal success, all participating court members should attend this 1-day only class and a rehearsal at the event venue before event is highly recommended. Restrictions will apply and may not be ideal for all groups. 

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